Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning is accomplished by supporting learners over an extended period of time with multiple touch points and learning styles to provide the most impactful and effective learning opportunity

Financial Health for Professionals
— Integrated Learning Program

This subscription provides innovative training and continuing support for human service and community-based organizations and the people they serve. You can enroll up to 100 members of your staff during the year; they will gain:

Self-led e-learning courses in our Financial Health Learning Environment

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Full access to a wide range of financial health courses that provide essential knowledge and skills to improve staff confidence and abilities to help their clients’ financial health. 

Courses include feedback from our staff.

Unlimited access to Frameworks in Financial Health

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Fundamental tools for personal and professional improvement in financial health. This program provides detailed information on the impact of financial stress and scarcity, along with Information and tools for implementing changes that improve personal financial.

Support and coaching from FHI staff

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Our staff are available by email and phone to provide information and coaching on applying financial health tools and concepts in practice.

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Human Services Financial Health Professional Certificate Program

This program is designed to better prepare professionals in the human services field with vital skills that are applicable for coaching, case management and counseling. It includes a series of asynchronous online courses with feedback and virtual live forums. Exams for competency at each level.

Financial Health for Professionals Level 1

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  • Section One: Working with Goals
  • Section Two: Working with Values and Goals to Achieve Lasting Change
  • Section Three: Stress and Scarcity
  • Section Four: Steps for Achieving Goals and Managing Justifications
  • Section Five: Assets, Income and Time
  • Section Six: Planning and Saving

Financial Health for Professionals Level 2

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  • Section Seven: The Context of Poverty
  • Section Eight: Credit, Debt and Lending
  • Section Nine: Counseling and Coaching
  • Section Ten: Negotiations
  • Section Eleven: Future Planning
  • Section Twelve: Leveraging Environment and Community Assets

Financial Health for Professionals Level 3

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  • Section Thirteen: Connecting Couples to Shared Financial Health
  • Section Fourteen: Recovering from the Financial and Economic Effects of Mental Illness, Trauma and Substance Abuse
  • Section Fifteen: Development of Financial Health Throughout Childhood and Young Adulthood
  • Section Sixteen: Planning for Security in Later Years
  • Section Seventeen: Personal Finance and Economics Through Cultural Lenses
  • Section Eighteen: Helping People with Special Needs Improve Their Financial Health

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Human Services Essentials Program

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This program is designed to prepare new human services professionals to apply skills, knowledge, and attitudes to offer their clients the highest quality care and support. There are three courses for the new staff person in this program (including modules for them to write a summary of what they learned, which our staff will respond to) and an overview course for their supervisor.

Motivational Interviewing

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This program is tailored to provide you with reminders for successful MI practice and implementation of all core elements of MI in your work. This program offers a series of six self-led online courses that you can access as your schedule allows, with creative exercises for MI learning and review; opportunities for guided practice; videos; and inspiration to keep your MI practice strong and effective. You will also have the opportunity to attend virtual live MI Booster Forums to practice your skills with peers.

Person Centered/Data-Driven Organizations

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This program provides a system for placing the client at the center of your operations, supported at every step by data so that every activity can be measured and analyzed, and the results can inform future practices.

Data Capable

FHI can offer multiple levels of tracking participants usage, completion or achievement.

To support organizations’ programmatic goals, FHI is capable of collecting, analyzing and reporting data on participants’ learning.

FHI can accommodate the level of data collection interest of the participating organization.

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