Hybrid in-person or online live and asynchronous

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This essential program develops participants’ understanding of financial health and financial stress and improves their ability to have meaningful conversations around personal finances. It provides essential tools to help case managers personally and professionally in their journey to improve their financial health. This Integrated Learning Program includes two virtual-live forums (Frameworks Introduction and Conclusion), plus the online e-learning courses of Human Services Financial Health Professional, Level 1: 

  • Section 1 – Working with Goals 
  • Section 2 – Working with Values and Goals to Achieve Lasting Change 
  • Section 3 – Stress and Scarcity 
  • Section 4 – Steps for Achieving Goals and Managing Justifications 
  • Section 5 – Assets, Income, and Time 
  • Section 6 – Planning and Saving 

A subscription to Frameworks in Financial Health also includes a full year access to our extensive catalog of online e-learning courses.

You Will Learn:

  • A foundation of knowledge on topics in the fields of Economics, Behavioral Economics, Psychology, Finance, Adult Education, Decision-Making Science and Change Theory
  • The impact of scarcity, tunneling, and stress as they relate to time, money, and energy
  • How to create a service plan that effectively incorporates your client’s values and needs
  • How to help clients who “have no money” work on their personal economics
  • How to use the Asset Building Continuum as a means to building financial and employment stability
  • The concept of internal inconsistency and its role in personal decision-making
  • The ineffectiveness of standard methods of financial education for addressing financial and employment topics
  • The role of routines, habits, and willpower in financial behaviors
  • How to identify and address barriers to financial stability
  • Why budgets are usually ineffective and how to improve them
  • Concepts and tools to implement changes that improve personal financial and economic health