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Focus on Foundations

FHI developed the “Cornerstone – Foundation in Financial Health” program (originally called “Bootstraps Asset Building Education”) almost 15 years ago. Since then, we have delivered the program across the country, helping tens of thousands of people with this new, more effective approach to financial education. Person-Centered Financial Education at Our Core Through the development and… Continue reading Focus on Foundations

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FHI Celebrates 16 years of Person-Centered Financial Education

16 years serving our community!  That’s what we are celebrating today!  And we celebrate by dedicating our future efforts to integrate Person-Centered Financial Education into the world of human services and economic development. Sometimes, it takes time to get clear on what you’re doing or where you’re going.  Sometimes, you just keep moving forward, knowing… Continue reading FHI Celebrates 16 years of Person-Centered Financial Education

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Person-Centered Financial Education

At FHI, our goal is to create and deliver effective, safe and fun financial education for people experiencing economic stress. We know this requires a special approach to financial education for us to successfully reach people who are confronting significant challenges in their daily lives. The standard way of delivering financial education won’t be good… Continue reading Person-Centered Financial Education

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