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FHI Celebrates 16 years of Person-Centered Financial Education

16 years serving our community!  That’s what we are celebrating today!  And we celebrate by dedicating our future efforts to integrate Person-Centered Financial Education into the world of human services and economic development. Sometimes, it takes time to get clear on what you’re doing or where you’re going.  Sometimes, you just keep moving forward, knowing… Continue reading FHI Celebrates 16 years of Person-Centered Financial Education

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Financial Health Skills Building Project

It seems obvious that there is a strong relationship between a person’s financial health and their employment. Employers may know that their employees’ financial stress is causing issues on the job (in the forms of absenteeism, presenteeism, lost productivity, theft, accidents, and ultimately physical and mental health issues), but have rarely had substantial support to… Continue reading Financial Health Skills Building Project

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FHI Transitions to a Nonprofit

In April, FHI started the process of transitioning into a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Due to the nature of our work and the direction we see the organization moving into the future, we felt that it would make more sense for us to operate as a nonprofit and that now was the time to make that happen!… Continue reading FHI Transitions to a Nonprofit

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FHI Turns 15

15 years ago, a small nonprofit organization aimed at providing “Life Skills Education” was launched in Louisville, Colorado. Over the years, that organization has evolved to become the Financial Health Institute, the premiere financial health and personal economics education provider throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. For 15 years, we have designed, developed and implemented quite… Continue reading FHI Turns 15

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