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FHI Transitions to a Nonprofit

In April, FHI started the process of transitioning into a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Due to the nature of our work and the direction we see the organization moving into the future, we felt that it would make more sense for us to operate as a nonprofit and that now was the time to make that happen!

I am happy (and relieved) to announce, after a ton of work behind the scenes, that the transition is complete! The Financial Health Institute is now renamed… wait for it…the Financial Health Institute, NPO!

Of course, we will continue delivering our classes and programs as we always have, and we will assist in designing classes and courses when we are asked. But now we can also pursue funding streams that are typically reserved for nonprofits. For instance, as an S-Corp, we could only generate revenue through the selling of our classes and programs. 

We have never had any sort of philanthropic of donor support, nor have we been able to apply for other projects that are considered grants and require organizations to be an NPO in order to apply.  And now we can! It is our hope that by finding additional support from the community, we will be able to provide our programs to a larger population throughout Colorado and a few other states.

What does it mean to our participants?  It will look mostly the same, but here are some items to know:

  • We have decided, for the meantime, to hold on to the email address lest we cause massive confusion for everyone in our contact lists.

As a freshly minted NPO, we have received our first grant to deliver programs to the Workforce Centers in the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium. AND, we are now able to participate in Colorado Gives Day that will be coming up in December. This is all very exciting and we are eager to keep moving down this path.

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