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FHI Turns 15

15 years ago, a small nonprofit organization aimed at providing “Life Skills Education” was launched in Louisville, Colorado. Over the years, that organization has evolved to become the Financial Health Institute, the premiere financial health and personal economics education provider throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

For 15 years, we have designed, developed and implemented quite a bit of innovative and effective financial health and economic education. We have worked with a wide range of participants from diverse, economically vulnerable populations and the professionals and organizations that serve them.

Upon reaching this 15 year milestone, we have rededicated ourselves to re-imagining financial education, making it fun, safe and applicable to real life. We continue to look for ways to improve our classes, including the creation of video games, a robust video library, and even creating animated videos to make content more engaging.

In 2021, we provided:
• Over 1,800 self-led e-learning courses
• Over 300 live classes

And we reached over 1900 participants across 12 states.

We also continued to develop additional live and online content.
• FHI now has over 50 different courses available for individuals and families
• FHI now has over 60 different professional development courses

We are also developing a YouTube channel so you can easily find your way through our library of videos.

We have redesigned our website to hopefully make it easier for you to find what you need. Please check out the “What’s New”, “Imagine”, and “Tips and Tools” videos on our homepage.

We would like to say thanks to everyone who has supported us, believed in us and encouraged us over the years. We obviously would not be here without that support!

In 2022, we would like to continue to make our classes and content available across the United States and we would love your support. Please follow us on FaceBook, LinkedIn and YouTube. And please tell your family, friends and neighbors about us!

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