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Thriving in a Virtual World

We have had a busy summer adapting and adjusting to the changes around us and, as a result, we are thriving in our virtual world! We want all of you to thrive along with us, so we have several new projects that we are ready to share, as well as one major exciting announcement. Let’s start with the exciting news!

In our Asset Building Continuum, we acknowledge that “Access” is one of the most critical components of economic stability. With the emergence of COVID-19, we have witnessed and experienced how important it is to have access to technology and the digital/virtual world. 

We also know that just having the technology itself does not guarantee that people know how to fully utilize it. There are many other barriers that might exist. Knowledge of how to use technology is a major component to accessing the digital and virtual world that has become such a central part of our daily economic lives.

Thriving in a Virtual World

Through our partnership with Rocky Mountain Human Services, our ResourceAbility program will be delivering a new project titled “Thriving in a Virtual World.” This project will ensure the Denver I/DD community has a safe, engaging and supportive space to access and utilize the digital and virtual world. We cannot express our gratitude enough to RMHS for trusting us to be the leader on this exciting collaboration for the I/DD community! 

To learn more about ResourceAbility, watch this short video!

For our other news, did you know :

  • We created a free online course for you and you are welcome to share it far and wide! The course is “Financial Wellness in Challenging Times.”  Click here to take the course.
  • We have been able to move the bulk of our trainings online and we have delivered 1465 asynchronous online courses so far this year!
  • We have delivered 108 live classes, both virtual and in-person – yes, we still deliver live in-person classes!
  • Though The Leadership Academy, which offers the Motivational Interviewing Intermediate Skills/Integrated Learning Program in partnership with Avani Dilger, we provide ongoing opportunities for professionals to deepen and enhance their MI skills.
  • In partnership with CrossPurpose, we developed the “Exploring Home Ownership Program,” which launched in July. The program currently runs 12 weeks and we now have 13 people over half way through the program!
  • We officially launched the Financial Health Lab, a nonprofit organization that will deliver the programming and carry the content developed at FHI. More information to come about the Lab and what it will offer.
  • Through our partners at the Center for Applied Management Practices and eLogic, we are developing trainings for CSBG and Family Resource Centers throughout Nevada.  We will share more about this project as it unfolds, as well.
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