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FHI Has Experience with Integrating Online Learning into Our Training

The last six weeks have been pretty crazy and we know you’ve been hit with a ton of correspondence from different organizations. The whole situation has been overwhelming for sure, and the stress makes it harder to focus on learning. I hope that this newsletter finds you, your organizations and families all doing well. We wanted to let you know that FHI is still out here, that we are stable and are able to provide our trainings and services! In fact, we are able to assist in new ways that we didn’t even know before the pandemic arose.

FHI has always been looking for the latest in technology and the sciences to inform how we provide our classes and the content therein. And, as many of you know, for the past five years, FHI has been investing heavily in the development of online/distance learning as a means of improving training outcomes. For the past two years, you’ve probably heard me talking nonstop about our movement toward Integrated Learning – how FHI is utilizing online learning to support live in-person classes so that we can help you integrate what you learn into your life and work.

It seems like everyone is moving online now

We are very fortunate that, as the whole world seemed to move online for meetings and trainings, we were sort of already there and prepared for the transition. FHI has been working on creating an exemplary online/distance learning experience that matches our in-person trainings and the feedback we’ve had over the past few years seems to indicate that we’re doing it pretty well. 

For some examples of our experience, FHI has:

  • Implemented an entire Learning Management System that allows us to provide online trainings and track learning outcomes
  • A team of staff members trained and consistently working to develop online programs
  • Developed two entire integrated learning systems that span across the state of Colorado
  • Developed three Integrated Learning Programs
  • Produced 40 + asynchronous online classes
  • Supported professional development as well as programs for individuals to improve their lives

How we can help

Based on the emails and phone calls I’ve received as well as the questions people are asking FHI, I think it’s fair to assume that in the short-term, you and your organizations are going to hear a lot about online trainings. This is an area that is new to a lot of people and can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. Online and distance learning can be as simple as a Zoom call or it can be as complex as developing a whole series of trainings in a blended style that mixes synchronous and asynchronous modules, with follow up implementation strategies and outcome tracking.  It’s a lot to think about in the middle of everything else we are trying to navigate right now. It’s like learning a whole new language in the middle of a crisis.

We want you to know that if this is an area you are interested in pursuing or that you are being required to transition into, that you’ve already got an ally in the field who can assist you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns about online/distance learning – we would love to be of service if we can be helpful.

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